____Julie Jesneck

Julie Jesneck, a standout as part of the choir, is devastating when she stands to give a testimonial, and reveals the depths to which the change in doctrine, as well as her decision to remain in the church, has affected her life. -talkinbroadway.com

there’s the moment when Jenny, a timid member of the choir, steps forward to talk to Pastor Paul, in a game-changing monologue that is funny and heartbreaking, sometimes all at once (actress Julie Jesneck is marvelous here). - phillymag.com

Jenny (the lovely and grounded Julie Jesneck) takes the stand and also challenges Pastor Paul’s stance on Hell... The dialogue in this section was perfectly timed and stunningly crafted.  - DC Metro Theatre Arts

As the youngest, the sensual Julie Jesneck revels in Christina’s exuberant, barely contained beauty; she’s breathtaking in the company of Michael’s come-and-go father. With Gerry, Chrissie leans back heartbreakingly far into laughter, into momentary pleasure.

- The Portland Phoenix

 Jesneck does an outstanding job as a woman (Emm) trying to find her way through a broken heart and family tragedy to personal success and happiness. - OutFront Colorado  

Jesneck does a wonderfully deft job ... as she mantels and boulders her way    up and out toward something like happiness.   - The Denver Post

"Emm (Julie Jesneck) was heartfelt and sincere in her wonderful portrayal of the vulnerable Emm. She drew the audience in with her exceptional acting, and her climbing skills were top notch."


Julie's show is featured in John Moore's photo blog project Culture West !!

Opening Night of Grace, or The Art of Climbing at the Denver Center Theatre Co. 

Julie Jesneck celebrates a successful opening night with co-star, Christopher Kelly, center, and her real-life husband, Tom Kelley, left.

"Julie Jesneck is outstanding as the lively Lady Reveller, a bold, outspoken woman whose lavish lifestyle begets scolding from her stern uncle."  - Maryland Theatre Guide online 

"Lady Reveller (a becoming Julie Jesneck) prefers the intrigue of card-playing to the attentions of poor Lord Worthy"
- The Washington Post

"One empathizes with Lady Reveller, played gracefully by Jesneck" 

"A widow, aptly named Lady Reveller (Julie Jesneck, who revels in the part) loves to gamble." - curtainup.com

"Julie Jesneck as Lady Reveller leads the production with a brilliant performance. With her infectious little giggle, it's no wonder... " - Fredericksburg.com

"Julie Jesneck sizzles in 'The Gaming Table.'"  - Fredericksburg.com

Opening Night! Tricks The Devil Taught Me at The Minetta Lane with Mary Testa, Peter Bradbury, and Beth Grant!


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